IT2u Czech s.r.o.

IT2u Czech s.r.o. is composed of a team of experts who design and implement
special unique solutions in the area of information and communication technologies
according to specific customer requirements and needs.

We offer and deliver, for example, the following services and products:

  • eTrezor unique solution, encryption, electronic signing, identity and password protection
  • implementation of multi-factor authentication
  • encryption and data protection, monitoring security logs
  • security audits, implementation of Cyberspace Act
  • penetration tests
  • development, testing and application management
  • comprehensive outsourcing of ICT (e.g. Service desk)
  • advanced data analyses on large data volumes (i.e. big data)
  • project and process management, analytical and methodological support

"We allow small and middle-sized companies to fully focus on their business activity
and to fully rely on our services and products in IT area."