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USB token ePass2003
to protect the user's electronic identities

ePass2003 is the world's most widely used cryptographic device that offers a variety of necessary functions for digital communication and transactions. Cryptographic operations (digital signature, encryption, etc.) are carried out directly on the token chip that is secured and certified against any modification, export and physical manipulation.

The device is applicable on virtually all computers without using the card reader, all you need is a free USB port.

Token ePass2003 was thoroughly tested according to strict international standards. According to European standards, it was granted the status of EAL 5+ and according to American standards, it received the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2, which guarantees all users the most advanced security requirements in accordance with the current standards.


Bluetooth wireless chip smart card reader bR301
mobile solutions without compromises

The Bluetooth wireless chip smart card reader has been designed for maximum comfort, efficiency and security. It allows users via Bluetooth standard, to quickly pair with any mobile device (e.g. phone and tablet) and provides the same utility as when working with ordinary computer or laptop.

Mobile field use is supported by a battery capacity for up to 18 hours of full operation. All communication with the paired device is encrypted with AES 128 standard, which ensures the security of transmitted data. The device has a coloured LED for easy identification of the current status - easy to find, whether it is in operation, if the data transfer is going on, or if you need to charge the device via a standard microUSB port, for example from a computer's USB or databank.


USB chip smart card reader 301
for easy work with chip smart card

USB chip smart card reader 301 offers plug-and-play solution that is compatible with all current versions of operating systems and for its operations it needs to install drivers.

The reader natively supports different types of chip smart cards and interface, by which it gained wide possibilities for production use. Of course there is a certification of ISO 7816, EMV and CCID standards.

The reader is widely used in industries or applications that require highly secure electronic payments and authentication. It can find its application in particular in solutions of authentication and access control, e-commerce, bank payments and many others.


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