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Cyber-crime concerns everybody! Digital extortion. Theft of private or sensitive corporate data. Identity theft. Stealing and misuse of passwords or forgetting passwords. PROTECT YOURSELF!

eTrezor is a hand-held digital safe which safely protects your passwords, identity and encryption keys in a chip.

e-Cipher Module

  • Encryption and decryption of sensitive data on hard and shared disk (photos, invoices, contracts, know-how, etc.)
  • Secure data exchange between users in public area
  • Creating an encrypted folder on any USB drive
  • Control of access to encrypted files and directories for individuals and groups
  • Administration, re-encryption and temporary preview of encrypted data in a "peephole"
  • Generating custom encryption RSA key in a chip or with back-up
  • AES 256 CBC File encryption algorithm

e-Signature Module

  • Collective and individual signing of PDF documents
  • Add a visible or invisible digital signature
  • Choose your own placement of visible signature, image, font and size
  • Lock signed document for editing and opening
  • Add a timestamp
  • Archive document for 5 years in PDF/A format
  • Easy to use and manage of pre-set templates
  • Compatible with Postsignum, I.CA and Eldentity certificates

e-Password Module

  • Safe storage of passwords on the chip, certified against abuse
  • Easy to enter passwords into applications and web browsers
  • Clear view, search and filtering
  • Encrypted password back-up and their easy recovery
  • Categorisation of individual records (mail, banking, PIN, websites, etc.)

e-Certificate Module

  • Allows import, export of public information and deleting certificates in the chip
  • Displays information on certificates (publisher, validity, signature or encryption certificate, etc.)

Don’t rely on someone else to provide security for you! Don’t leave your sensitive data unprotected and accessible. Keep safety in your own hands and get an eTrezor!

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