LOGmanager implementation
central repository of logs


In today's over-technological world, information is a critical resource enabling the right decision at the right time. In contrast to this finding, there is the fact that information is distributed across multiple devices and different manufacturers’ software, not always in an easy-to-understand format and with varying access. The unification of information from many sources and its transfer into an easy-to-understand format, setting firm rules for dealing with that information and its indisputable storage is therefore essential for the efficiency of safety and operational activities of each organisation. When one adds to it a transparent interpretation of this information in a compact and powerful tool, the organisation obtain a tool to implement the right decisions, this tool is LOGMANAGER system.

Key features

  • central storage and collection of logs for your organisation
  • central overview with graphical presentation
  • solving operational problems and security incidents
  • fast and intuitive search
  • correlation of events
  • unification of log formats
  • long-term storage
  • fulfilling the requirements of the Act on Cyber Security and ČSN ISO 27001 for capturing audit records
  • retention of logs for submission to the organisations dealing with security of CESNET CERST and CIRST or Police of the Czech Republic
  • keeping logs of all network and security devices, servers, stations
  • preventing the loss of critical data
  • verification of record admission in the storage (if supported by the transmitting device)
  • verification the identity of the record source so the record cannot forged (if supported by the transmitting device)

Competitive advantages

  • steady income up to 4,000 events per second
  • premium income up to 10,000 events per second
  • unlimited number of resources
  • basically storing up to 30TB of logs with easy scaling of performance and storage capacity
  • internal storage up to RAID 6 type with protection against failure of disks
  • backup option for SMB/NFS systems of the organisation
  • simple and transparent system of licensing with no hidden costs
  • direct manufacturer technical support

Supported devices

  • Switches Cisco, HP, Huawei
  • Firewalls of Fortinet, Juniper, Checkpoint
  • Windows servers and workstations
  • Linux servers
  • Main applications and databases
  • and other facilities are supplemented according to your needs

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